Jared Leto is an actor known for roles in the films Requiem for a Dream and Dallas Buyers Club. He is also co-founder and lead singer of the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars.


In 2012, guitarist Marciel Miranda and vocalist Kristina Odabashyan joined their forces and founded the music band High Grass, which quickly won the respect of veteran Cuban musicians and the love of many fans.
The story begins in 2009 with Kristina’s arrival in Cuba in order to record her solo album. She and Marciel met inside a recording studio in Havana, where they were soon united by their shared love of music, and not only.
In 2010, Kristina moved to Cuba, where in the course in several years they worked on creating their first EP “90 Miles”. Bass player Daryl Vaillant and drummer Marlon Yamian joined a project in 2012 and made vital contributions to the album. 
Fast forward to 2015 band started to perform on the cuban scene, which managed to attract media attention. In 2016, their band was nominated for The Best Rock Group of Cuba.
Currently, High Grass is nearing the officially release of an album, which will contains 10 songs, including the single “90 Miles”. The songs are performed in the style of alternative music and indie rock, are full of electric guitar solos and riffs, overloaded bass, rich acoustic guitar sounds in great harmony with a large number of vocal melodies and modern percussion. The music video for “90 Miles” is expected to be released in the second half of this year.